We are a company with nearly 2 decades of experience, offers: technology solution consultancy, systems integration, maintenance & training services for financial services, government & public sectors, energy, oil & gas, plantation, process & manufacturing industries.

Cinovasi has been partnering and serving over than 60 major clients - multinational / prominent national enterprises. We also have over than 90 consultants, engineers, and professionals to deliver excellent end-to-end solution.

Cinovasi has technology R&D subsidiary company: PT. WOW Teknologi Indonesia and Cinovasi Technology Academy (CTA) for continuous learning and development.

Automation System

Bio Gas Power Plant Solution

Bio Gas Power Plant Solution.

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Building Automation & Property Management

Building Automation & Property Management.

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Control System (PLC, DCS, SCADA)

Control System (PLC, DCS, SCADA).

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Engineering Design

Engineering Design.

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Equipment Reverse Engineering, Repairing & Reconditioning

Equipment Reverse Engineering, Repairing & Reconditioning.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System.

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Packaged Systems

Packaged Systems.

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Pipeline Management System

Pipeline Management System.

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Systems Integration

Systems Integration.

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Terminal Automation System

Terminal Automation System.

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IT & Business Solution

Application Development

Application Development.

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Computerized Maintenance Management System

Computerized Maintenance Management System.

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Network & Security Solution

Network & Security Solution.

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Oil & Gas Production Data and Services Integration

Oil & Gas Production Data and Services Integration.

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Quality & HSE Software

Quality & HSE Software.

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Smart Card Solutions (EMV, NSICCS, Biometric)

Smart Card Solutions (EMV, NSICCS, Biometric).

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XBRL Tools / Reporting Solution

XBRL Tools / Reporting Solution.

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Industrial Automation Solution

IT Business Solution

We envision CINOVASI to become a company of choice for best talents where people can learn, be inspired, and to be at their best. We, the CINOVATors, are commited professionals in the field of: sales, project management, instrumentation & control engineering, systems engineering, software development, engineering consulting, IT consulting, research & development.

If either of those field of expertises is your call, and if you want to excel your leadership, passionate to learn, enjoy working in team, then why not send your latest resume / CV to us?

Just e-mail us your latest resume / CV to: recruit@cinovasi.com

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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