PT Cinovasi Rekaprima (Cinovasi) is the technology leader in Indonesia for digital transformation and industrial automation solution. Established in July 7th, 2007, Cinovasi previously operated as a technopark entity and R&D lab, as well as industry affiliation unit since 1995.


Currently Cinovasi has professional consultants, engineers, and trained professionals in 2 offices and 1 workshop: Jakarta and Bandung.


Having been serving more than 70 clients – multinational and prominent national enterprises, Cinovasi provides solution for various industries including Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Telecommunication, and Engineering Procurement Construction.

R & D Labs

Cinovasi has been developing R&D labs with prominent universities to nurture innovation. We actively participate in teaching, join research projects, student & faculty member internships, and various R&D activities.


In 2015 Cinovasi launched its first subsidiary digital startup company, PT WOW Teknologi Indonesia ( In 2017, WOW launched e-commerce platform & application “PasarSentuh”. Cinovasi is commited to continue promoting technopreneurship. Therefore in 2018, Cinovasi launched its second and third subsidiaries namely PT Binar Integrasi Gautama and PT Sibernetika Teknologi Industri.

PT Binar Integrasi Gautama (BIG) was established as software product development firm that supports Cinovasi in providing ready made software solution for customers to increase the speed of solution implementation.

PT Sibenetika Teknologi Industri (SIBER) on the other hand was established as a R&D company that provide solution for robotics, nonlinear control, energy optimization, biomedical instrumentation, automation system, and power system control.

Jakarta Office
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Bandung Office
Jln. Sidomukti No. 68
Bandung 40123, Indonesia
Ph +62 22 2506276
Kawasan Industri De Prima Tera Blok C1B No. 1
Jl. Raya Sapan, Gede Bage
Bandung 40288, Indonesia
Ph +62 22 87312047
Surabaya Office
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