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  • Oktober, 04 2018

    Case Study: A Sugar Manufacturing Company Uses Cinovasi Process Controlled System (PCS) Solution

    Source : CINOVASI

    Business Situation:
    A very old sugar manufacturing company had a capacity of producing 6,000 tons of sugar cane per day.

    As Indonesia require 5.7 tons of sugar and half of them was still imported from other countries, the old sugar manufacturing should be modernized so it could have increased production capacity.

    In order to become a modern sugar manufacturing company with optimum productivity and efficiency, the company require an integrated automation solution to control the manufacturing process and power system.

    In 2015, Cinovasi was selected as the automation solution vendor for the sugar manufacturing company. Cinovasi created and installed the Process Control Systems (PCS) for the control and monitoring functions of the Power System and Process System units. Cinovasi was responsible for everything from design, programming, assembly, installation, testing, to SAT and commissioning to Distributed Control System (DCS) in both units.

    In this project, Cinovasi uses ABB Freelance, a Distributed Control System that combines the advantages of DCS and PLC. This system has integration capabilities that facilitate the process of engineering, commissioning, and maintaining the fieldbus.

    Based on its function, the process in Sugar Industry was divided into several process areas. Each process area was controlled by DCS redundant. DCSs were tasked to integrate all information obtained from each controller in the process areas by using an integrated operator interface system.

    Cinovasi provided the technical analysis and advice for the control and instrumentation systems of the processes, electrical, mechanical, development, testing, and commissioning. Overall, Cinovasi played an important role in realizing the first modern sugar factory, starting from design to commissioning.


    The sugar manufacturing company first ran its sugarcane milling using Cinovasi automation solution in 2016. The revitalized sugar manufacturing company was the first modern sugar manufacturing in Indonesia and was expected to help fulfiling national sugar needs. The capacity of the production was forecasted to increase to 8,000 tons per day or 33% increase of the production capacity in 2015.

    Cinovator, as the technology consultant for revitalizing the sugar mill manufacturer has supported Indonesia vision to fulfill more sugar needs through domestic production through this automation solution.

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