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  • September, 27 2018

    Case Study: A Seaport Company Uses Cinovasi Web-based Port solution

    Source : CINOVASI

    Business Situation:
    A company carrying out task as a seaport locomotive in the Eastern Region of Indonesia is trying to increase its productivity as an effort to improve services to its customers. Increased productivity in this case is focused on minimizing the turn around time needed in carrying out the process of loading and unloading goods and reducing the length of container stacking at the port. This seaport company services has a very large impact in trade and economy in Eastern Indonesia. . 

    They have identified that Information Technology is the main key to modernize and improve productivity. Not only that, they also decided to install an integrated system in order to utilize the potential of the Information Technology system. In the future they are ready to transform into Integrated Industrial Port Estate.

    Answering the mission, since September 2014 PT Cinovasi Rekaprima was chosen to achieve its objective. The need to build a seaport integrated system from upstream to downstream can be accommodated by Cinovasi as an experienced system integrator company that has a proven track in the field of information technology and system automation.

    "At that time the scope of work was only to implement the solution in four different locations," said Jimmy Merari, Chief information Officer Cinovasi. The application developed at that time was a comprehensive seaport solution — from operations to financial records. This application was previously built around 2007, but it needs to be developed to suit current needs.


    After successfully going live in December 2014:
       • this project was rolled out to 14 other locations.
       • With the unique business process characteristics of each branch, Cinovasi deployed 22 experts in the field of Information Technology to various regions in Eastern Indonesia.

    Jimmy said that applications that were developed were web-based tailored made specifically for the company's business processes as seaport service providers. This is a distinct capabilities for Cinovasi, who has long experience in custom-application development software and the implementation of cyber-physical solutions for operational machinery in various industries including manufacturing, plantation, oil and gas, and others. The solution are now available for shipping agents who wish to apply for online ship services.

    "Even though in terms of geography, the location for implementation is quite far away, our team is very enthusiastic in implementing this solution because they know that in the end this application will be very useful for them," said Ronaldi Junarto, Chief Executive of Cinovasi. Currently the effect towards their business is proven, with more orderly and tighter operations, this system is able to reduce dwelling time and accumulation of goods so that turn-around-time for shipowners becomes shorter.

    With the implementation of Information Technology solution, the economic activity has been boosted not only in eastern Indonesia, but in Indonesia as a whole.

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